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Waste Recycling Service

Waste Recycling is a major business focus point. Your customers are asking how you handle waste and what eventually happens to it. More and more customers are requesting waste reports and recycling percentages as well as auditing suppliers. The way we handle waste continues to evolve, and increasingly, so has the emphasis on businesses to embrace changes in the way waste recycling is applied and administered. As always, we encourage all to make sure that their waste is managed appropriately from start to finish.

C.H. Middleton Ltd. help customers achieve their recycling goals through a network of suppliers utilising modern waste recycling technology. Our own Waste Disposal/Recycling Centres give customers additional peace of mind that their waste can be verified and checked in-house, with individual online waste reports assisting in a full audit trail.

What Can We Recycle?

We offer multiple waste recycling solutions for various waste materials.

C.H. Middleton Ltd. will look at the feasibility of recycling most waste materials, and also offer services for the collection and recycling of mixed waste. We also offer collection options for DMR (Dry Mixed Recycling). To find out more, call our friendly Doncaster based recycling team or click the links below:

Call 01302 783731

Cardboard Recycling

Our network of sites are permitted to handle all grades of cardboard waste. We are able to segregate cardboard at our own sites as well as process bulk cardboard prepared for recycling.


C.H. MIDDLETON  LTD is a leading Yorkshire based waste management company. Committed to increasing recycling and energy recovery we offer commission free recycling of scrap metal waste, and scrap metal haulage services.

Our Scrap Metal recycling services are flexible and allow you to be in control of the rebates generated from your waste metal.

We can help recycle most metals + provide independent spot checks on weights, and help eliminate those annoying ‘knocks’ and reductions.

COVID-19 and Waste

Please be assured that we continue to work with our customers to manage and provide a safe and efficient service to the best of our ability and capacity.

Wood Waste Changes

The guidelines on Wood Waste changes initially set out to come into effect in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 have finally been published. Unfortunately there was no honeymoon period to digest the final draft,


Is your waste management company reporting on what waste you produce and giving breakdowns of all mixed waste loads? Are they incapable of doing so? Are you suspicious that they are hiding something from you? Talk to us about our fully audited waste service and 24/7 waste reports.



We have waste partners who require specific blends of waste material to create energy from waste via a steam process or by creating fuels from the waste material. Our customers gain the added benefit of having their waste assessed by us, free of charge, for energy from waste options.



Are you incurring unnecessary charges by mixing valuable materials and waste or sending your waste to landfill?
Why not REDUCE COSTS and receive revenue by using our services?



We aim to divert all our customers waste to our recycling centre. Here we can validate and clean up all waste streams sent to us; to improve our customers approach to the waste hierarchy and ensure the appropriate solution is applied to all waste streams. Our Recycling Centre at our Doncaster Waste Site is also open to the public and 3rd party use.



Free Site Audits For South Yorkshire Businesses.
Free Waste Audits and compliance checks for all customers Waste Testing Service – WAC test – TOC analysis etc.
Completion of all Duty Of Care Compliance Papers.
Online Waste Reports.



Our staff are qualified to WAMITAB L4 standards, and have decades of experience working for our company and the waste industry. This combined with our diverse network of suppliers and waste professionals, enables us to assist with most of your waste requirements.


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