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Please note, due to renewals we may be unable to provide you with insurance certificates during February. Please accept the VOI in their place.





Registered with Doncaster / Barnsley & most Yorkshire Councils, to place Skips on the Road / Highway.

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Carrier Licenses:

  • Waste Carriers Licence – (Click to verify) CBDU8653
  • Food Waste Carriers Licence –  U1127260
  • Animal-By-Products Licence –  U1127260
  • Scrap Metal Dealer Licence –  SMD 052 (Currently Dealt With Under Haulage Terms and RHA Conditions of Carriage).

Site Licenses:

  • Waste Management Licence – (Click to verify) 60834
  • Permit Number – (Click to verify) VP3699ZA/A001
  • Hazardous Waste Licence/Premises Code – CHMIDD
  • Hazardous Waste Exemption – (Expired and replaced by S2 below)
  • W.E.E.E. Licence –  PARA. 50 (Expired and replaced by S2 below)
  • S2 Storage Of Waste. – (Click to verify) WEX116669

Vehicle Certificates:

Driver Safety:

  • AIRSO – Membership No.10036
  • NDI – New Driver Initiative
  • SYT – South Yorkshire TruckWatch
  • CPC

Site Information:

  • Weighbridge Accuracy Verification – 000946 – SSS Test Weight Cert. 4048/ 4049 / 3896

Site Safety:

If the document you require is not available, please do not hesitate to call our admin office on 01302 783 731