Recycled Glass could be weighing down your disposal costs - by utilising our services and separating glass from your waste stream you can reduce the ever increasing costs of waste disposal.


Recycling Potential - Market Value Rebate

By utilising our services and sorting your glass into types and colours you will gain maximum value from your waste glass.


What To Do - Sort It

Your waste glass needs to be sorted by type and colour to achieve the best rebate. This is because different chemicals need to be added to different coloured glass waste to produce recycled glass of the desired colour.

As a rough guide the list below starts with the most valueable glass and ends with glass with least/no value:

 MAX £££

  • Plate Glass - Same Colour
  • Glass Bottles - Same  Colour  ( e.g. CLEAN - beer bottles, wine / spirit bottles, juice botles, food jars)
  • Glass Bottles - Mixed Colour  ( e.g. CLEAN - beer bottles, wine / spirit bottles, juice botles, food jars)
  • Windscreens
  • Laminate
  • Drinking Glasses
  • Mixed Plate Glass

 MIN £££


We Offer CASH Alternatives To Paying For Glass DisposalYorkshire-plasterboard-recycling

  • Skip Hire:  Full range of Open and Lockable Enclosed Skips.
  • Glass Bins: EuroCarts / WheelieBins.
We strive to:
  • Save our customers money.
  • Reduce our customers Carbon Footprint - Diverting their Waste away from landfill.
  • Further reduce customers Carbon Footprint - Increasing the amount or material recovered from the recycling process.


FULLY AUDITED TRAIL. We provide a fully compliant audit trail, complete all paperwork and help reduce your administrative burden.

What Happens to Recycled Waste Glass?


Processing Glass Cullet - The Glass is crushed and ground into tiny pieces. This finely crushed glass pieces are referred to as cullet.

Decontamination - Contamination causes reduces the quality, strength and structure of recycled glass  - So the glass cullet is screened and sorted. Metal bottle caps paper and plastic are removed and the glass may also be immersed to remove lables etc. Unauthorised ceramic contaminants are removed from the glass cullet via a process known as fine sizing. The finely ground glass cullet is passed through various screens, leaving behind ceramic residues.


Making The Recycled Glass - The cullet is melted and can be used in manufacturing recycled glass products like new glass containers, bottles etc.


Closed Loop Material - Glass is recycled over and over with hardly any deterioration in quality as glass doesn't decompose.

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Friendly Helpful Waste Recycling Advice - Call Our Recycling Centre Office On: 01302 783 731

  • Free Technical Advice.
  • Zero Waste To Landfill Options
  • Full Audit Trail.
  • Choice Of Services To Meet Ever Changing Needs.
  • Sampling And Analysis Available.
  • Skip Hire Service Available.
  • Fully Licenced Waste Recycling / Treatment Centre. Easily Accessed From The A1.
  • Make Money From Your Wastes.


The segregation of waste at is now a legal requirement and with Landfill Tax now pushing £80 per Tonne more and more businesses are being forced to recycle or increase their Waste Recycling efforts.

  • Help Us Help You Recycle Your Waste – And We Will Lower Your Costs.



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