Most types of garden waste can be recycled, including trees, bushes shrubs, conifers, bark, flowers, grass / hedge cuttings, leaves, plants, small branches, twigs, weeds and untrated unfaced timber.


We offer low cost alternatives to disposing of garden (green) waste.


We are currently able to recycle wood waste at a lower price than garden waste - please see our wood recycling page for more information.


Exclusions (please do not send the following to us):

Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia japonica) - Please contact your local council, local Environment Agency office or the Wildlife Species Conservation Division of Defra for advice.


We offer solutions to both domestic and commercial clients.

Bring Your Garden Waste To Us

  1. Give Us A Call And We Will Be Happy To Assist Arranging Your Paperwork.
  2. Bring Your Garden Waste To Our Licensed Facility For Treatment.
  3. We Can Also Offer A Full Range Of Open Or Secure Lockable Enclosed Skips.
  4. We Can Even Segregate Your Garden Waste From Mixed Loads.

FULLY AUDITED TRAIL. We can provide a fully compliant audited trail complete all paperwork and help reduce your administrative burden.


We are constantly seeking out new avenues for the Waste streams of our customers. Even the Wastes we do Recycle receive the same attention in looking for more effective solutions. Recycling is a major talking point at every workplace and we are all affected by what is done with Waste materials. C. H. Middleton Ltd. are committed to improving the Recycling of Doncaster Waste Streams and will offer your company free advice whether you are a customer or not.

We strive to:

  • Save our customers money.
  • Reduce our customers Carbon Footprint - Diverting their Waste away from landfill.
  • Further reduce customers Carbon Footprint - Increasing the amount or material recovered  from the recycling process.