28th September 2011 Deadline For All UK Businesses


  1. All businesses will need to apply the Waste Hierarchy to waste/s they produce. - You will then be required to sign a statement each time waste is removed from your site!
  2. All Waste is required to be accompanied by a Waste Transfer Note containing the SIC Code of the waste producing site (NOT THE ORGANISATION!). We already use Waste Transfer Notes but you the customer must provide us with a SIC code for each of your sites. We will be contacting you for this 5 digit code throughout September.

    A search tool and summary of SIC Codes can be found here.
    - NOTES:
    - Your listing on Companies House Website does not always contain the SIC code required (as they are from the 2003 list).
    - Hazardous Wastes require a code from the 2003 list SIC03.
    - Other Wastes require a code from the 2007 list SIC07.
    - So 2 codes may be required!
    - You can use the tool to convert a 4 digit 2003 code to the new 5 digit 2007 code.


Enforcement Information.